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Your Media Buying Partner

Your Media Buying Partner

Buying advertising & airtime across all types of media.

Big Ads... Small Budgets

Big Ads... Small Budgets

Each project is a different animal. We buy cost-effective solutions that best match each client’s needs.


Not your typical agency

Media Clarity was set up in 2004 as a media independent and is now in its 14th successful year. The business was originally set up to assist advertisers using TV as a medium for the first time and to help them through the process ultimately to get the right return on investment.

To date we have placed over £55m worth of media and have managed to retain the core of our client base- hopefully this is a testament to say our customers are happy! Every year we have grown the business and have tried to diversify our client list.

We are not a big ‘London’ agency but we have strong links and relationships in the media particularly with TV buying, having worked for and at Satellite, Cable TV and itv. We can offer a personal, consultative, hands on buying service across all media including tv, press, radio, outdoors etc. We are happy to work with all production and design companies and can recommend new ones.


You’re in safe hands

After studying Business and Marketing at University Jonny Kidd started working at Cable TV (now Virgin) in 1997. He worked across the UK selling airtime directly in the regions on channels like MTV, Discovery, UK Gold and UK Living to name a few.

The campaign values ranged from £2,000 to £50,000 and the TV production value was often around £1,000. It was a great grounding and a case of dealing with real growing businesses and real people and which is exactly what Media Clarity does 15 years later.

After Cable TV Jonny gained work experience at time warner in New York and Channel 31 in Australia. On returning to the UK in 2002 he took the job as Business Development Manager for ITV1 in the Granada region. After 3 1/2 yrs Jonny had brought in record sales and enough clients recommended he set up his own business to service clients who didn’t want the big agency sell. ITV have backed Jonny from the start and the other media sales houses have been supportive, understanding Media Clarity is trying to cultivate new business and to help them grow through buying the right advertising and to make sure it works!

Media Buying

An Overview

Media Clarity buys airtime across all types of media and has contacts at most media houses. We pride ourselves on searching for the best alternatives to match our clients needs then working out the most cost effective solution. We have a consultative approach and picture ourselves as a partner in your business to ensure you get the most competitive deals available.

When buying media on your behalf we only work on the commissions paid by that media company, we do not add any ‘hidden charges’ to our invoicing. We are not hard selling our buying services and do not charge any retainers.

We can often work out a more cost effective solution for our clients along with offering our support, experience and enthusiusm at no extra cost. We work with clients budgets from £10,000 to £10,000,000 and we treat every client individually so please contact us if you would like to discuss ideas.

TV Airtime

A large percentage of our new clients are using TV for the 1st or 2nd time and don’t want to get confused by the jargon and politics involved in buying TV - they just want the best deal at the best price - and so do we!

This is often the start of the journey and the most important to get right. We are happy to explain how the TV landscape works and our intention is to turn our clients into TV buying experts too.

Our aim is to make the process as simple and transparent as possible, so you the client can understand what we are doing on your behalf- and get results when you go on air.

We have placed airtime across all the tv networks.

We work hard to compete with all big and small deals and have built our relationships with clients based on successful campaign

TV Sponsorship

Part of our continued success has been through the exploration of new ideas like TV sponsorship, product placement, digital and online TV advertising.

This is an area we have had continued success with and managed to get several customers rubbing shoulders with big brands but without paying a fortune for it!

Since the business was founded Media Clarity has managed to find and negotiate TV sponsorships both on a regional and national basis.

We have done deals for the sponsorship of Benidorm on ITV 1, the ITV regional weather in Granada, Entourage and Secret Diaries of a call girl on ITV 2, the Gadget Show on Channel 5 and a peak strand on fx on digital just to name a few.

Please contact us for more information about the sponsorship process and how we can make it work for your business.

Direct Response TV

Daytime TV is often used for direct response campaigns.

Across the years Media Clarity has worked with various businesses who want to buy low cost airtime and generate results via phone, text or online. Examples we have worked with are Personal Injury companies and Insurance providers and the emphasis is on call to action and return on investment along with building a brand with a long term strategy.

Online / Video On Demand

We can also buy VOD (video on demand) which can be the adverts/pre rolls on the iPlayers before TV programmes like Coronation Street, the X Factor or catch up on Sky plus or Sky movies.

Catch up TV like the iplayer and 4od give regional and national clients the opportunity to advertise around the big shows that target their customer on a one to one basis and as part of the marketing mix we can add this to your schedule.

Sky adsmart also has the technology to target regional and demographic profiling and we are exploring options for several clients. We are only interested in what works for our clients so we will only recommned what will offer you the best return on investment.

 In our experience many advertisers already have a preferred web, SEO and/or pay per click supplier and we are happy to work with your chosen connections. We don’t pretend we do everything and then introduce third parties and mark things up! We are experts in our field and stick to what we know by doing it well and we are happy to work with others.

There are many case studies regarding tv and online working together on the thinkbox website

Thinkbox champions tv advertising and we regulary attend seminars that feed us with the latest knowledge about the tv advertising world and how to improve things for our clients.

Outdoor, Print & Radio

If you want to advertise on the back of buses in your home town or on the tube sites in the Centre of London we can work on these deals.

We can buy 6 sheets (bus shelters) on the way to your store, 48 and 96 sheets (billboard size) as part of a nationwide campaign or streetalk (phoneboxes)outside your shop – or your competitors!

We are happy to plan this around any budget or area.

We can buy space competitively in both display and classified advertising in national titles from the Sun to the Telegraph newspaper

We also work with regional titles ranging from the Liverpool Daily Echo, the Manchester Evening News to FHM and GQ magazines.

We have also spent Millions with the radio stations and have established great relationships with the likes of Smooth, Capital, Heart, Talskport. Bauer, and UTV etc and all the independent stations.

Often direct radio advertisers use media clarity to book their TV and keep a direct relationship with radio.

We don’t intend to change that relationship if that’s what the customer prefers. If it’s an area we can improve on then we are there to help.


Production / Creative

We are not a creative agency and we don’t have preferred partners we insist you work with.

Many of our advertisers know their brand already and often already have creative contacts that we are always happy to work with.

If you do need guidance we have a network of production companies and creative independents that can work to any budget and we are happy to put them in touch with you directly. Then you can decide who you want to use.

If you want our advice we are happy to discuss the options honestly.

Case Studies


Bavaria are a well established independent brewer from Holland and wanted to compete with the bigger beer brands who have huge marketing budgets in comparison.

In 2012 and 2013 this sponsorship deal enabled us to compete with them on a national basis hitting our core audience weekly and the campaign was a major success. Bavaria was a new to tv sponsorship client and the success was measured by a huge uplift in sales and the big supermarkets all stocking the product at different levels.

Media Clarity was recommended to us by another advertiser and we did look at several large creative and media planning agencies of which Media Clarity was one.

It was obvious from an early stage that Jonny ‘got it’ and that he was going to be easy and honest to deal with. It was a huge decision for us to spend on tv and since the sponsorship we have continued to work with Jonny and be successful with similar deals. I would recommend Media Clarity to any business who wants an honest approach, measured results and a top level of service.

Sean Durkan - Marketing Manager

Yorkshire's Injury Lawyers

Yorkshire's Injury Lawyers were a new to TV client that wanted to test TV in 2010 spending around £10,000 initially.

Three years later and after spending over £1million we can safely say the TV campaign was a success! So much so that the company was sold to another firm of solicitors recently.

Dealing with Media Clarity and Jonny made the TV buying process easy. We started with a small TV spend and tested the local area and the business grew and grew.

With a TV advert that connected with the viewer and Jonny's continuous attention to detail and excellent rates we increased the spend every month and the results kept improving.

We spent over £1million over the three years and more TV areas and channels were introduced before the business was eventually sold.

Gary Pattison - Creative and Production Director for Yorkshire's Injury Lawyers

Clearview Home Improvements

Clearview is a well established home improvements company with 3 branches across ‘Granadaland’ so regional ITV is the perfect fit to generate leads and create traffic online and drive people to visit their state of the art showrooms.

Media clarity have been working with Clearview since 2008 and together the business has used TV to keep growing sales year on year. Always trying new spots and creative ideas.

Jonny was recommended to us by another happy TV advertiser in Yorkshire that we know and initially we thought TV was beyond our budget.

Media Clarity then surprised us with the deals they bought and the results were fantastic!

Media Clarity always keep things simple and transparent and the service we receive is excellent from start to finish.

Chris Mitchell - Clearview owner